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Event draping rentals for hotel venues and corporate events

To love what you do can only be achieved by

doing what you love…..but isn’t it amazing

sometimes what a little bit of fabric can do….

Whether it is Marquee Event Draping, Corporate Event Draping, Party Event Draping, Gala Event Draping or a Special Bridal Draping, we have it covered. The team at White Events will offer luxurious draping and décor that will reflect who you are by the quality of our finish.

Our main objective is to work closely with our client to translate their vision into a realistic event.

Through our years of experience, we know how to make styling easy, taking the task with easy styling layers. It’s a large blank canvas to work from when you introduce clever draping into your room.

We, at White Events will take the opportunity to find a creative draping solution that works for your overall décor as well as for the venue you’ve chosen. Whether to enhance or to conceal areas that might take away or add to your event, we feel that draping needs to be done correctly and with a passion for symmetry.

By just draping the walls or lowering a ceiling with ceiling drapes, an uninviting room will immediately be transformed into a stylish venue with clever lighting to mask unsightly areas which might require slight concealment. Click here for Ceiling Decor

Even a great venue will be enhanced by subtle touches of draping of an elegant door show stopping entrance, with a luxurious swaged overlay, enhance by large ornate tassel tiebacks with a corporate branded colour detail will make all the difference to the look and feel for your event.

Click here for Event Décor

We love combining our festoon lighting, ceiling drapes, our beautiful linens or our colour pallet of 26ft long drapes to transform the setting. Click here for Festoon Lighting

Our visual designs, created by our graphic design team can help you visualize the overall finish. We have a wide selection of pipes and drapes to cover all venues which also can help you also to reduce a space or improve an acoustic of a venue.

Click here for our 3d Visual Designs